New Code of Practice by KEFEA Includes strict provisions on the promotion of prescription medicines to healthcare professionals.

November 27, 2013

Stricter provisions on the promotion of prescription medicines to healthcare professionals are among others points included in the revised Code of Practice by the Cyprus Association of Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies (KEFEA).
The new Code, which has been uploaded to the Association’s website
(, lays the foundation for stricter self-regulation in the sector and is within the framework of European level efforts to increase transparency and credibility in the pharmaceutical industry. Adherence to the Code is obligatory for all members of KEFEA, as well as all members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) who are active in Cyprus.

“The new Code adopts, among others, stricter provisions on the interaction between medical representatives and healthcare professionals, the promotion of prescription medicinal products, the availability of samples as well as promotional material, and the hosting of healthcare professionals during scientific events,” said the President of KEFEA, Joanna Kozakou.

“The new Code ensures that the promotion of medicines to healthcare professionals is
carried out in a transparent and honest way, without deception and in accordance with the Law’s provisions,” she added. Ms. Kozakou also noted that the Code will be beneficial to patients, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry overall while at the same time underline our commitment to ethical behavior.
As Cyprus’ representative within EFPIA, KEFEA invites all pharmaceutical companies operating in Cyprus to adopt and apply the provisions of the Code to their daily activities. The code is aligned with Cypriot legislation, as well as with the EFPIA Code of Practice.

KEFEA was established in 2006 and represents the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Cyprus. KEFEA’s members are the companies GSK, Lilly, MSD, Novartis, Pfizer, Sanofi and Amgen Hellas. Its mission is to provide Cypriots with innovative medicines. Among its objectives are to ensure uninterrupted access to medicines in the Cyprus market, provide qualitative healthcare, offer scientific educational information on diseases and treatments to healthcare providers, and ensure that European objectives regarding high healthcare standards are implemented in Cyprus.