Code of Conduct

We believe that adoption of the Code of Conduct builds business integrity and allows for greater transparency while reinforcing the industry's commitment to ethical conduct

KEFEA is mindful of the importance of providing accurate, fair and objective information about medicinal products so that rational decisions can be made as to their use. Detailed rules are outlined in our Code of Conduct for activities such as the supply of samples, interactions with medical representatives and hospitality to healthcare professionals as well as recourse should complaints arise.

The Code is intended to align with the Cypriot Medicinal Law as well as with the EFPIA Code of Conduct. In many ways, however, the Code goes beyond existing laws and regulations. By adopting these guidelines we seek to ensure that these interactions meet the high standards of integrity that patients, governments and other stakeholders expect.

As an EFPIA affiliate member association, KEFEA is responsible for overseeing adherence to the Code of Conduct in Cyprus, which is binding for all EFPIA member companies regardless of whether or not they are a member of KEFEA. For a complete list of EFPIA member companies, please click here.

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